Suntheway has invested heavily in CAD and offline programming competency. As part of our end-to-end plastic solutions, our professional team of designers and engineers are proficient with the AutoCAD (2D Modeling) and Uni-graphics (3D Modeling/CNC Programming) to essential robust product development, resulting in a high efficient mass production.

Our CAD - CAM has huge range of applications, from conceptual design to pattern making and tool making for a variety of sectors including the automotive, audio switch, printer, vacuum machine and so on.

Suntheway offer design assistance and specialised design for customers and specialising in Design for Manufacture (DFM) allowing input at all levels from programmers, down to the machinist. We will also have customer’s advice opinion to carry on the design to achieve more perfect products.

Our engineers are typically time served with many years’ experience in the prototype and sub-contracting industry. We also ensure that our engineers have the required training and experience to use this technology. All our software is kept up to date with the latest available and installed on high spec computers for reliability.

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