Stamping Department

Drawn from the accumulated and long experience in metal stamping, it has enabled SUNTHEWAY to manufacture precision of various types and complexity of stamping parts ranging from small stamping part to complicated parts using a wide variety of materials, and precision inspection jig, tools and dies including progressive dies, using integrated CAD/CAM technology.

SUNTHEWAY has the right facilities and people to stamp out both low and high-volume orders on time and within your tolerance requirements. Whether progressive or single-hit, blanking or forming, each piece will be handled with the utmost care and precision.

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Capacity List

Roll Forming Machine

Spot Welding Machine

Stamping Machine 25 Tons

Stamping Machine 45 Tons

Stamping Machine 80 Tons

Stamping Machine 110 Tons

Stamping Machine 160 Tons

Stamping Machine 250 Tons