Molding Department

As your one stop solution, Suntheway equipped with 33 units injection machines ranging from 40 tons to 360 tons, including 3 units vertical injection machine. All our machine are equipped with robotic arm providing high quality precision functional parts.

Hi-gloss appearance parts (front cabinet or housing)
Precision functional parts (inner base or cam)
Precision fitting parts (brackets or sockets)
Transparent slider or casing
Precision gears and pulleys
Core-puller required parts
Hot runners parts

Our plastic moulding floor is supported by both tool making department and engineering department to ensure that the production process goes smoothly.

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Capacity List

Nissei Moulding Machine 40 Tons

Multiplas Vertical Moulding Mc 55 Tons

Nissei Moulding Machine 60 Tons

Nissei Vertical Moulding Mc 60 Tons

Nissei Moulding Machine 80 Tons

Victor Moulding Machine 80 Tons

Toshiba Servo Moulding Mc 100 Tons

Multiplas Vertical Moulding Mc 100 Tons

Victor Moulding Machine 120 Tons

Nissei Moulding Machine 120 Tons

Toshiba Servo Moulding Mc 130 Tons

Victor Moulding Machine 140 Tons

Nissei Moulding Machine 160 Tons

Victor Moulding Machine 180 Tons

Lanson Moulding Machine 260 Tons

Toshiba Moulding Machine 280 Tons

Lanson Moulding Machine 320 Tons

Nissei Moulding Machine 360 Tons